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Ziggy’s Family Pizza Restaurant is a local pizza restaurant that has been around for over 50 years. After many generations, they decided to rebrand themselves and create a new and simple look.


Brand Identity & Design

They consulted with us and wanted to do something simple for their business, yet stick with a traditional appearance. 



We needed to create something simple that represented them and matched the type of style they wanted to be known for. It was a much necessary update to their brand since they have been severely outdated in terms of design. 


Changing the image and identity that been stablished over generations, it was not an easy task. 

Image by mahyar motebassem
Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 9.47.39 PM.png

Located in New Haven, Connecticut. Ziggy's needed a new identity that helped standout from the rest given that PIZZA is a big thing in Connecticut and even more in New Haven. 

With its new brand identity, the brand not only increased awareness but also social presence online and in social media.

From a traditional pizza brand to a modern open to younger generation fast food brand. 

Image by Ashim D’Silva

With over thousands of clients walking into the restaurant, Ziggy's has obtained not only positive feedback but a higher increased in sales and patronage since the new rebranding.

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