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Founded by two brothers in 1996, they wanted to celebrate the roots of their parents by creating Taberna, a fine dining restaurant and bar. With a very rustic and homemade approach to their establishment and menu, they decided it was time to rebrand themselves moving into the next decade. 


Brand Identity & Design

Going into this project, we found out about the brothers’ story since it was very personal. We wanted to implement a clean and simple design that talks about their value of handcrafted meals and the story of their family’s roots. 

branding restaurant.jpg


The challenge we faced going into this project was being able to tell a lot of story and culture into their logo that has meaning to them. Also create additional graphics for their menu and printed materials to match the style that was suggested.


Taberna decided to use our proposal to change their logo and use our concept for their printed materials. It was time for a change, the brother knew they needed to keep up with time and attract a younger generation of customers. Their clientele enjoyed the fresh change and elegance to the new design and set up. 

logo branding .jpg

With the change in its identity and design, Taberna started to reach and gain the attention of local commercial plazas where fast food was the main source of nutrition. After their big rebranding launch and campaign they gained 3 more location in such plazas with the goal to provide a better experience in food and nutrition. 

From a family founded restaurant to a chain with almost 10 locations nationwide, Taberna keeps improving and providing the best food experience in their area not only at a affordable yet premium tag but also committing to its brand values.

Taberna celebrates the roots of family heritage, a fine dining restaurant and bar. Today Taberna is planning to keep expanding their services with the possibility in opening a location in Madrid due to the feedback and type of  food served by the brand.

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