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Sales Associate  Opening

We are looking for a commission based sales agent to join our design team and help us  market our products and solutions to businesses owners & entrepreneurs in the US. You will be required to deliver at least 1-5 projects per months as a quota . 

This is a commission contracted position. You will be paid between 10%-25% depending on the final scope of the product and/or solution sold. There is the possibility of a base pay depending on constant generation of leads and performance. There are also performance bonuses. 

Expectations, Duties & Responsibilities

  • Hands-on experience  with potential clients.

  • Arranging physical or online meetings to present the products offer by the agency.

  • Opportunity to be guided and work with professionals in the industry.

  • Follow up with potential leads for the agency whether provided by agency or on their own.

  • Willing to call and arrange meeting with executives.

  • Pitch the proposals from start to finish.

  • Learning how to organize, multitask and manage time.

  • Exposure to the design industry and its various responsibilities.

  • Demonstrate strong organizational, time management and prioritization skills.


  • Must be available at least over email between 9AM-5PM EST.

  • Prior sales experience and customer service.

  • Flexible schedule

To be considered for this position you'll have to submit the following with your application. 

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter (Optional)

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