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Crooked Smile Agency is an award winning talent agency that provides its services in the United States. They’re based on the East Coast and provide all talents for all entertainment and talent needs. 


Website Design & Development

UX Design

Content Strategy

Social Media Marketing


Within our consultation,  we discussed the Agency’s needs and style that they were aiming for. We discussed how they wanted to approach their social media and web design. 


The Agency was already known for having a particular style, but wanted to expand their presence online and created a uniformed and clean look. Also, there is exposure to their work, but not centered on one account.


We created a styling and brand guide to follow for all their social media platforms, in the addition of creating a new look and logo. With the design and development of their new website, they are able to not only show their work more uniformly, but also allow more leads to generate through the convenient and simple user experience. In addition, we began to aid in setting up their social media and maintaining their social media feed alongside their staff. 

Copy of Copy of Untitled.png

Having  several services to market can be hard as a talent agency. Our team gathered and researched as much needed to make the website easier for users to navigate and find what they are looking for. By just typing the service, users will find out all of the specs needed to book the artist or service.

Copy of Copy of Untitled (2).png

Our team starting thinking what was the best outcome for users to book a service in the most seamless way.  Not making it too difficult to find the information was a priority. The team came up with a simple yet complex structure for the user to not only book one service but to find out what they are missing.


CSA has become not only a talent agency but also a source to find many talents that are not only used for professional service but also personal and commercial events. Based on the East Coast and provide all talents for all entertainment and talent needs. 

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