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East Coast Pawn is one of Connecticut’s fast growing pawn shops in the area with the plan to expand the more time passes by.  ECP has always been involved and in support of their local community, so they wanted to not only rebrand, but to also clean up their digital presence and social media. 


Website Design & Development

UX/UI Design

Content Strategy

During our consultation, ECP has known for many different “phases,” but their messaging has always been the same. In addition to acquiring more locations, the previous business within some of the locations was being associated with their brand.


East Coast Pawn is different from other pawn shops.  While investigating the trends and regularities of traditional pawnshops, we noticed that ECP had a different system to sell, communicate and speak to their loyal customers. 


what a pawnshop brand really stands for.



Due to having open multiple locations, ECP needed to establish a clear and clean branding guideline for all locations to follow. ECP also needed to rebrand themselves since they were being associated with traditional pawn shops, meaning people assumed they were outdated and run down. People also confused their newly acquired shops with the previous owners.


Agency created a branding guideline for ECP, and created a much more modern and family friendly brand with the addition of a mascot that their audience can relate to. In addition to social media marketing, advertisement, and public relation services, ECP has been able to not only acquire more clientele, but has been able to interact with their audience much more efficiently. 





With a tremendous change in its identity and design, our team gave ECP a new design system and a new way to communicate and reach their customers. Given the brand a more corporate look, East Coast Pawn has increased not only in sales but in awareness, staff and out of state attention. Their marketshare has increased tremendously since our agency took commands into the ECP brand.


in 2002


business model



Coming up with a new website design and a better way for a younger audience to interact online was the main concern of the brand. Giving the fact that the brand assets and systems at the time were not up to the times, the agency started to work and presented three different approaches to target the website and new communications systems. Along with a new mascot, ECP has become the number one retail store under the category of a pawnshop in Connecticut. 

From plan to execution, our team began the research and process for users to have a better experience and interaction in the website. But that was not the only concern and challenge, it needed to be fast and quick for customers to call or chat online as soon as they landed in the homepage. Visual aesthetics was a priority and it is still one. 

Drafting and coming up with a mascot for the brand was another challenge. The mascot not only needed to speak to the staff and be part of them but also it needed to communicate warmness and a welcoming vibes just as the each of the stores once you walk in. 

East Coast Pawn first opened our doors in November 2009 in Bridgeport. They have since moved from the original location, but we have been lucky for their original customs to continue to follow them.

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