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Constructora Velazco is a construction and development firm located in Dominican Republic with a focus in Hotels, residential spaces, hospitals and the creation and design of community areas.


Website Design & Development

The idea of a new website for the firm came along to introduce the service to new generations as well as international investors that may provide such service internationally or nationally.

Prior to the discovery meeting with our team, our creative executives needed to investigate the norms and type of information that is usually display in type of websites in Dominican Republic. While it does not differ from regular and traditional websites, it does contain fewer and precise to the point information in regards to services offered. Our team provided insights and  the idea of a delivery a simple but concise message of the company's history through the digital experience.


With so much experience already established in the professional sector,  creating a portfolio website that informs the potential customers while also converting them to contact him for his services was the main challenge overall.


With a tremendous change in what is was stablished in the past, A modern and simple approach allowing them to contact him for any questions they may have while also displaying an excellent portfolio was the outcome result of our work. 

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