Chavy Coffee is a family owned European brand coffee maker that wanted to grow bigger after running a small local coffee shop for many years. They decided it was the perfect time to begin to rebrand and change focus into making their business grow. 


Brand Identity & Strategy

They consulted with us regarding changing their branding and establishing a new brand identity & strategy for the brand.



Establish their new brand identity and create a platform that expresses their message. They also require a set of new printed graphics.


We created a modern, clean, minimalistic design for their platform that informs their audience who they are and the lifestyle approach that associates with their brand.

With a new identity, Chavy gain the opportunity to not only market its product to coffee lovers and enthusiastic but also those who like a cup of joe every once in all while.

The agency took a minimalistic approach since the  brand had a concern and this one was to reach out to those who not love like to drink coffee but those who live a minimalistic lifestyle. Ruling  by its slogan "One Cup of Joe at a Time"  Chavy decided that  its priority is to be reached by those who live one day at a time.